Anito Legends Is A Philippine NFT Play-To-Earn Game

In case you haven’t heard yet, a new Play-To-Earn Game is set to take the world by storm. Just knowing that is being created and developed from start to finish in our 7,107 islands just gives us that feeling of #PinoyPride. Say hello to Anito Legends, named after the supernatural phenomena that we are so fond of as a people. However unlike its namesake that brings fear, this game will instill excitement due to its interesting gameplay and income-generating capabilities.

When people discover that Anito Legends is an NFT P2E game, they may take note of its similarities to the ever-popular Axie Infinity. After all, many have struck gold with the latter. These observations are not incorrect as both make use of NFTs, have a combat system we’ll discuss later, and allow players to gain rewards convertible to real money. However, it would be invalid to call Anito Legends an Axie clone.

The game will have 2 modes: Tower mode for those who want to strengthen their Anitos, and a competitive PvP Arena mode where they will be going up against other players. While the latter is definitely a more intense and riskier play, this is rewarded by increased reward drops.

There is also a menu to take care and maintain your current roster of anitos.

The token system is as follows: $LARO will serve as the governance token (AXS in AXIE) and $GINTO acts as the utility token (SLP in AXIE). Thus, they will have different uses but are both correlated to the Anito Legends universe.

Working behind the scenes is CEO James Chua, heading Masayato PTE LTD which is another play on words in the local language. His motivation for creating this game is to “further the space” and make something that “is truly fun to play by releasing regular updates for years to come.” Based on this statement, we can be optimistic about long-term game support. The company is packing the proper credentials to make a quality game; over 20 years of in-game development, with over 50 million downloads on mobile to be specific.

The rest of the team is composed of extremely talented Filipinos such as Yvette Tan, a Palanca award-winning folklore writer who is at the helm of the story. Game design is being handled by company COO Erick Garayblas, who has won awards such as the Game Design Winner in Storm of the World, and has plenty of experience with handling startups. There is no better person to trust with operations.

The soundtrack is crafted by Myth_OS, a popular duo behind many of the country’s most iconic works. The common goal for this project is to make it as immersive as possible. Lastly, the hype is maintained by CMO Jayvee Fernandez, who has decades of experience in the media field and knows how to keep the public’s attention. They’ve also gathered together an impressive list of partners. With this much attention to detail being put forth by these insane talents, we’re excited to see how the whole thing will turn out.

Visit the Anito Legends Beta Signup page here, the website here, or follow their social media outlets and public blogs to stay updated on the latest news regarding this game. For those who want to study more on their proof-of-concept and long-term roadmap, the whitepaper is here for you to read. Don’t miss out!



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