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Axie Infinity Hits $4 Billion in All-Time Sales

As one of the most popular (and arguably the pioneers) of play-to-earn games, Axie Infinity recently posted a milestone of attaining over $4 billion in all-time sales. This was confirmed by cofounder and COO Aleksander Leonard Larsen in a Tweet.

From the photo Larsen posted, Axie Infinity has a significant lead when it comes to NFT sales, with CryptoPunks coming at a distant second with $2.062 Billion in all-time sales.

To make things more interesting, Larsen explains that Axie Infinity has a different business model, where 4.25% of each trade goes to the game’s token treasury. The most expensive Axie was a triple mystic Angel, which was sold for 300 ETH or around $770,000 in current value.

After taking off in 2021, Axie Infinity has been a very popular play-to-earn game in several countries including the Philippines, with its axs token increasing in value by 18,000% throughout 2021. In the last 30 days, Axie Infinity has around 2.7 million active players according to ActivePlayer.

NFT sales have been climbing so far for 2022 despite a slump in most cryptocurrencies, with global sales reaching $7 billion in January. That’s more than double the record posted lat August 2021 at $3 billion.

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