Announces Ronin Network Integration expands the features of its platform by announcing its integration with the Ronin network for crypto transactions. With this feature, users will now enjoy lower fees and faster transactions by using Ronin to deposit AXS and SLP into their wallet.

For those unfamiliar, Ronin is an Ethereum sidechain–which means it is a separate blockchain that runs parallel to Ethereum. Ronin is developed by Sky Mavis, who are the developers behind the hit play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, as a way of scaling the game. Ronin is needed for Axie Infinity, as sending assets through Ethereum has become too expensive and slow for managers and scholars to move assets.

With the added support for Ronin, Axie Infinity scholars and managers across the Philippines will now be able to convert their in-game winnings to Philippine Peso (Php) and cash out faster and at a lower cost as part of’s continued efforts to build on the foundation of the Play-to-Earn movement.

To begin receiving AXS and SLP through the Ronin Network, customers simply need to update their app to the latest version. In a future update, users will have the ability to send AXS and SLP through Ronin directly from their wallets.

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