BusinessTech is official cypto partner for the PBA

Despite the crash of LUNA and other cryptocurrencies in the past few weeks, crypto is quickly moving into the mainstream. You don’t have to look far for the proof of that, as has officially announced that they’re now the crypto partner for the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

While exact details of the partnership haven’t been released, this isn’t the first time that a major sports organization has embraced crypto and crypto tech. The biggest partnership was back in 2021, when the Staples Center was renamed the arena after Singapore cryptocurrency exchange and AEG inked a deal that essentially re-named the iconic sports location for 20 years.

The crypto craze for sports isn’t just concentrated on organizations either – big-name athletes have started to take notice as well. Odell Beckham Jr., a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams, took his $750,000 salary in bitcoin back in 2021. Another player for the NFL, Russel Okung, demanded he be paid his salary in bitcoin even earlier, in 2019.

While we don’t expect PBA players to start demanding their salary to be paid in bitcoin, crypto’s wider market adoption beyond enthusiasts and early adopters this year means that there’s going to be a market for it in sports, and is in a great position to take advantage of it when it does thanks to its partnership with crypto partnership with the PBA.

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