Esports Giant Tier One May Be Looking To Get Into Web3, NFT

Tier One, one of the biggest esports companies in Southeast Asia is looking to get into Web3 and the NFT space. The company recently conducted a community poll for both followers and developers/builders in the Web3 space, which is a positive indicator that the company is looking to expand to Web3.

The poll which you can check out here and here, asks community members about their familiarity with the blockchain, and cryptocurrency, as well as their current motivations for owning cryptocurrencies.

The company’s survey also tries to find out what’s holding people back from buying/owning NFTs, as well as what people enjoy NFT gaming.

In a separate survey sent to developers, the Tier One giant wanted to learn the challenges in building Web3 content including NFT, along with working with guilds and established organizations in the local Web3 space.

The idea of integrating NFTs and cryptocurrencies in the esports space isn’t new. Traditional sports organization FIFA already has its foot in the door via its partnership with Algorand, which is the organization’s “regional supporter” for North America and Europe at the World Cup and an official sponsor of the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand next year.


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