LimeWire Has Been Resurrected As A Music NFT Marketplace

Do you remember LimeWire? As one of the original peer-to-peer sharing sites, we’re sure that we’ve all procured a file from there before, whether it be a song or a movie. Well, they’ve returned as the LimeWire NFT sharing platform. By now, we can guess that they want to be early on this technology as well before it explodes.

The LimeWire NFT platform will initially focus on music-related pieces to pay homage to their humble beginnings. This will allow LimeWire to support the industry instead of harming it as they’ve done before. Those who use cryptocurrency to avail of these pieces will have access to exclusive tracks, live events, and other specialized fan interaction with the musicians.

They admit that the LimeWire of the past was some sort of Wild West when it came to downloads; you never knew what you were going to get. Personally, we’ve tried downloading certain movies only to find cheap bootlegs with questionable content. This revised iteration would like to maintain the openness of the original but have some semblance of safeguards against malicious intent.

This is by no means a replacement for conventional streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. It’s more for superfans who want a tailor-made experience and are willing to get involved with crypto to do so.

The upcoming LimeWire NFT platform will be debuted by co-CEOs Paul and Julian Zehetmayr, who acquired the brand last year. Timelines are more or less settled, with the entrepreneurial team eyeing a May release. The platform seeks to only take 10% from the artists and is targeting 1 million users during the first year.

No news of a required crypto wallet is out as of now, as current information we have indicates that NFTs in the space can be bought with card or other standard forms of payment. Another focus will be using a cryptocurrency that is sustainable, cost-efficient, reliable, and safe.

Eventually, there might be plans for LimeWire to host other kinds of NFT products. We’ll keep you posted for any news regarding this, but for now, we can just welcome back LimeWire as an exclusive music NFT program.

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