SNK ATK Dagger Squad NFT Collection Includes Physical Wearables

After its successful collaborations with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Filipino artist Alisson Shore, SNK ATK Design Lab is venturing into the Metaverse with their Dagger Squad NFT collection.

Psalm Alfafa, the founder of SNK ATK Design Lab is releasing the Japanese-inspired NFT collection composed of Mecha Samurai, Cyborg Ninja, Cyber Witch, Techno Mage, and Chrono Assassin for private sale to 30 OGs. Unlike most NFT collections today, the NFT collection will include both digital and physical wearables that are customized according to their NFTs.

After Wave 0, the SNK ATK Dagger Squad NFT collection will have 888 more unique collectibles for public selling, which also gives owners access to SNK ATK’s secret shop. Another batch of 888 NFTs will be minted after. According to SNK ATK’s roadmap, holders will get access to both merchandise and events from the company down the line.

You can check out SNK ATK on their Facebook page here.

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