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Tiny Tarsiers NFT Is A Collection From The Philippines To Save Tarsiers

The Tiny Tarsiers Philippines NFT Collection is an initiative created by a team of 8 university students, each with their own specialties. They seek to bring together their knowledge on the blockchain with their creative talents in order to help endangered species survive in 2022.

The official site states that there are only 5000-10000 tarsiers left alive in countries like the Philippines. The team behind this project has committed to donating 10% of all sales as well as 2% royalties to the Philippine Tarsier Foundation Incorporated (PTFI), in order to support the species’ lives.

Minters will receive 1 of 7,107 special tarsiers with 140+ hand-drawn traits. The number of tarsiers in the collection represents the number of islands in the country, making it “the first” to do so. Holders will be able to participate in daily giveaways which have prizes ranging from NBA cards, other NFTs, Cash Prizes, and Axie Scholarships.

Special perks will also be made available for holders of tarsiers with certain characteristics. This includes merch drops, access to future projects. Airdrops will find their way to holders, which opens the door to staking and a myriad of opportunities.

As the concept of an NFT becomes more popular in the Philippines, the future for the Tiny Tarsiers collection is looking quite bright. Visit our page Unchain for more details.

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