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Twitter: You Can Now Send Tips To Your Favorite Users In Crypto

Twitter surprised the world in September of last year when it launched its Tips feature. Users had previously just dropped the links to their cash pages on their Twitter profiles, but the iconic social media giant decided to turn it into a built-in feature of the application. This eliminates the hassle of redirecting you to another site and saves you time. What’s even better is that there are no real requirements to turn on this function – meaning that people can easily make donations on your profile if they choose to, no matter if you have just 10 or 100 million followers. Now, Twitter Tips can also be done in the form of crypto, specifically Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This was confirmed by actual users who did find gateways to their crypto wallets available within the donation options. Therefore, it can be made official that ETH and ERC-20 tokens are now seen as viable, accepted tips by the platform. It appears to be that the company has been very accepting of crypto, even going as far as giving NFT owners special ways to showcase their investments.

While some may be jumping for joy at the thought of receiving high-value crypto through Twitter Tips, there are still some ground rules to be remembered. Users must be compliant with all policies involved with using the platform in the first place (such as the Financial Scams Policy), and an individual must be at least 18 years of age to be able to give and receive tips. They also leave the user with the liabilities related to taxes, anti-money-laundering procedures, and other applicable safeguards.

The company has assured the public that Twitter Tips crypto donations will be completely free to use, however they cannot guarantee that the third-party wallet applications will not charge to complete transactions.





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