What Is Bomb Crypto And Is It The Next Axie Infinity?

The Bomb Crypto NFT Game is one of the latest Play-To-Earn newbies that has the potential to topple the current king of the genre, Axie Infinity. Due to its rapidly growing reputation, many people are looking into the game to see if it’s worth their time and money. We’re here to give a breakdown of what it actually is.

The game can be broken down into four main segments – a PvE mode labelled Adventure, the classic PvP arena called Arena Battle Mode, a place to farm which is Treasure Hunt, and where you build a unique Staff House for your hero as well as manage your in-game resources. Either way, all of these involve the use of BOMBER COIN, or BCOIN for short, which is the currency used in-game.

Think of Adventure mode as exploring the dungeon. A player will traverse levels, defeating monsters and destroying items along the way. The difficulty may increase as the player progresses through. Each floor clear, monster kill or item rewards the player with the chance to claim BCOINs.

Arena Battle mode meanwhile is the highlight of any PvP NFT game, as it is in Bomb Crypto. Players will choose a hero to participate in a bomb battle with other real people. As mentioned on the site, the final winner receives the losers’ total token amount. The heroes also lose energy when participating in these activities.

Gameplay courtesy of Bomb Crypto

In Treasure Hunt, users can deploy their heroes to mine for resources. The rate of mining depends on the number of mining heroes you have, as well as the rate at which each of these heroes can mine. Keep in mind that rarer heroes can mine faster, although it is much harder to get them when making hero purchases. All heroes also have stamina meters which means that they need to rest to regain energy to mine again.

Buying houses in Bomb Crypto is more than just an aesthetic upgrade. When in a house, heroes recharge energy exponentially faster than they would do normally, saving you quite a bit of time while giving significant financial returns. Some houses are more expensive than others with features like the capability of allowing more heroes to rest at a time, as well as quicker charging speeds. While these houses tend to be expensive, they’re a treat for veteran players who have properly calculated the energy their heroes need in order to maximize money-generating potential. Any items earned through gameplay can be sold on the online Marketplace for additional profit.

The Bomb Crypto NFT game makes for an interestingly simple model that anyone can understand and get into with minimal effort. For more updates and how-to guides on the game, stay tuned to our Unchain website.





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