Yield Guild Games acquires Online Community Axies Alerts PH

In its goal to expand further in the Philippines and globally, Axies Alerts PH announced on their Facebook page that they have been acquired by Yield Guild Games, which is one of the more prominent gaming guilds globally that’s focused on play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity and Bomb Crypto.

With its goal of making pay-to-earn games accessible to everyone, Yield Guild Games has over 60,000 members and over 4,700 scholars across over 24 countries–the Philippines included.  Yield Guild Games has an estimated market cap of $600 million.

Axies Alerts PH, on the other hand, is an independent online publication that covers all new updates regarding Axie Infinity. Their publication covers key news stories like daily SLP/AXS values and server updates. It has almost 900k followers on its Facebook page and almost 19k followers on its Twitter page–on top of having its own Discord community and YouTube channel.

Yield Guild Games Country Manager Luis Buenaventura II revealed that the acquisition of Axies Alerts PH was made in an all-cash deal and that they will reveal more details about the acquisition in the coming weeks. Despite the acquisition, the management of Axies Alerts PH “will stay 100% to the original creators.”

Prior to this, Yield Guild Games acquired support from Coinbase for its “Sponsor-a-Scholar” program.

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